JM Mead, LLC

JM Mead, LLC

JM MEAD, LLC has been providing comprehensive consulting and advisory services to companies in the healthcare industry for the past decade. 

The firm advises clients on strategy and financial planning to meet the many complex organizational needs arising in today’s changing healthcare environment. While the Affordable Care Act has significantly increased the complexity of this environment, it has also created enormous opportunities for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, large and small. 

The firm has served a wide range of clients including large investment banks, managed care companies, private equity funds and early to mid-stage healthcare service companies. The firm’s particular value comes from the wealth of in-depth, front-line experience of the firm’s professionals in confronting the threats and mining the opportunities facing its clients.


James M. Mead, Managing Director

JM Mead, LLC

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Harrisburg, PA 17001